Why it's Probably a Good Idea to Wear Protective Gear Outdoors

First, it was coronavirus. Now, it's murder hornets. With 2020 off to a terrifying start, you may be wondering how and when you can get back out into nature, while staying safe. After staying stuck inside for so long, you're probably itching to get some hunting or fishing in right about now, or just to tend to your honeybees. Thankfully, restrictions are easing up, and more people are able to get out into the outdoors. When you get the right personal protective gear, you can enjoy being out there without worrying about any buzzing insects ruining your day.


If you're like most people, you don't enjoy getting eaten alive by insects or catching a disease. Personal protective gear and protective clothes act as barriers between you and those things that want to make your life miserable. You have to stay silent when hunting or angling, which becomes much harder when mosquitos or bees are attacking you.


If you have any sensitive areas exposed while outdoors, especially deep in the woods or nearby standing water, you're risking getting stung or bitten. That's why we're going to go over why you should wear protective gear while outdoors. Once you're done reading this, you'll probably want to scramble and get some protective equipment.


Protect Against Mosquitos


Not only do flying and crawling insects bite and sting you until you scream with frustration, but they can infect you with diseases. Mosquitos are literally the worst insect, given how many millions suffer from mosquito-related illnesses, such as malaria and dengue. Mosquitos are the insect responsible for more deaths than any other in the world. That's something you definitely want to protect yourself against.


Protecting yourself with a mosquito net hat is a great way to keep these most annoying bugs away from your body. If you have a baby, you can get unique sleeping baskets lined with mosquito netting, so that you and your family can still enjoy the outdoors, without losing any blood or gaining any diseases. Better yet, get fully decked out with mosquito-proof pants and shirts while you're at it.


Protect Against Hornets and Wasps


Whether they're yellowjacket wasps or the now-legendary murder hornets, these flying menaces can cause pain that feels like anything from getting poked with a needle or being shot by a gun. Wearing special hats and headgear lined with protective netting can protect you from all sorts of stinging insects out in nature.


You don't have to be a beekeeper to come across hornets or wasps. Taking one wrong step or putting your hand on a tree colonized by these stinging insects will give you a rude awakening.


Avoid death by bees and wasps by protecting your entire body. These ferocious little things will attack you when they feel threatened until you are either flee or are decimated by them. The obvious choice is to run away unscathed, which is something you can do if you have pants, a shirt or jacket, and netted headgear that protects you.


Protect Against Honeybees


While hornets and wasps are insects you do your best to stay away from, honeybees are ones you intentionally go towards, especially if you're a beekeeper. Whether you're coming for their delicious honey or just performing some regular checkups, wearing protective gear is essential.


You can wear an entire beekeeping suit to protect you from angry bees. If you're just performing a quick visual inspection, you can probably get by with a beekeeping jacket. You may not know this, but beekeeping suits and jackets also offer effective protection from mosquitos, so you can grab yourself a camo beekeeping suit and hunt or fish in it.


Protect Against Airborne Diseases


While this is becoming less of an issue with each passing day, COVID-19 still poses a risk, like any other airborne disease, such as the flu. If you're going out into nature, you don't have much of a chance of catching something spread by people, but you will still possibly interact with people in parking lots, gas stations, and elsewhere when you need to pick up supplies for your outdoor trip. Protecting yourself is essential when everyone around you could be potentially harboring dangerous pathogens.


With a protective barrier between you and others who are possibly infected, you protect yourself against airborne pathogens. Sure, you can wear a cheap surgical mask or an N95 mask, but if you want to protect yourself fully, you will want to get pandemic-proof clothing. Something like a protective jacket with a transparent and anti-fogging face shield built into it will be just a step shy of a full-on hazmat suit, so that you don't look like you're from a CDC containment team.


Protect Yourself


If you want to protect yourself from airborne intruders into your personal space, check out the full range of protective gear on Buzzkill Protective Gear. Even things that usually won't kill you, but will make your life a living hell, like mosquitos and insects of all kinds, will no longer bother you. Whether you're wearing a mosquito net hat, an epidemic-prevention jacket, or an anti-mosquito repellant bracelet, you can now be more at ease. You no longer need to hide your kids or your wife, because you'll all have protection from all that scary stuff in the world.


Now that the coronavirus pandemic is slowing down and you can soon get out into nature again, you can feel a little bit safer out there, but not too safe. After all, there is still a risk of infection and a "second wave" occurring. This isn't the time to start slacking with wearing protective clothes or using personal protective gear. You want to actually enjoy your time outside, without having to worry about swatting away harmful insects. Use a barrier of protection between you and things that can harm or kill you.


Remember, protect your happy place.



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